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Primary source is the collection of self-reported information from health care providers on behalf of hospitals, health plans and other health care entities. At PCVS, we verify hundreds of thousands of documents every year, in order for your organization to determine whether a provider is right for you. This includes:

  • Licensure
  • State-Controlled Substance License
  • Education and Training
  • Hospital Privileges
  • Board Certification
  • Professional References
  • Malpractice History
  • Work History
  • Liability Coverage
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • DEA Certification
  • Social Security Administration Death Master File (DMF)

Line Item Verification

Line item verification requests can be submitted and consist of individually requested verification services that commonly include license verifications and DEA, but may be any service that PCVS provides.

Sanction Monitoring

Sanction Monitoring is the tracking of sanctions against health professionals. Sanction monitoring is done on a regular basis.

Criminal Background Checks

A criminal history background check is the review of any and all records containing any information collected and stored in the criminal record database, the state Department of Public Safety, or any other location of criminal history records, involving a pending arrest or conviction by a criminal justice agency.

Provider Monitoring

There are two methods of provider monitoring that are done on a regular basis. They are: Medicare Opt-out, where we identify information about physicians and health professionals who elect not to participate in Medicare; and State Licensure Expiration.

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