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Versatility and Flexibility is the Cornerstone of PCVS’s Services

Did you know not all Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) are created the same? It’s true. Professional Credential Verification Service (PCVS) is a national, premier dually-assessed CVO, with 25 years of industry experience providing quality credentialing services to clients. In addition, PCVS offers the widest range of customizable package and a la carte credentialing solutions in the health care marketplace, so you only pay for as little or as much as you need.

For example, recredentialing cycles often times have a high degree of variability, resulting in some months having significantly heavier volume to be processed than others. With fixed budgets and limited human resources, many organizations incur hours of costly overtime to meet deadlines, or some files simply do not get completed before the recredentialing cycle expires. PCVS can assist with the overflow of processing recredentialing applications to ensure organizations are providing quality, safe clinicians with patients, with confidence in recredentialing information that is timely, quality-driven and compliant with all federal, state and accreditation requirements.

Or maybe the time sensitive, laborious demands of ongoing monitoring of expirable credentialing documents and sanctions has got your team in a tailspin, frantically trying to keep up with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of initial and reappointment activities, leaving little to no time for ongoing monitoring activities. PCVS can help. Ongoing monitoring of expirables and sanctions is but one of the many package and/or a la carte services PCVS provides clients each and every day.

Whether your organization is a physician group, a hospital, health system, health plan, surgery center, or other type of entity that is required to perform clinical credentialing, PCVS can tailor services based on your needs. Whether it be initial credentialing activities, recredentialing, individual primary source verifications or ongoing expirable or sanction monitoring, PCVS will work closely with your team to develop a service plan that is timely, cost effective and meets or exceeds all applicable regulatory and accreditation standards. Contact us today for more information on how PCVS can assist your organization.