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The Benefits of Outsourcing Credentialing

Many organizations tasked with practitioner credentialing struggle with shrinking budgets, staffing limitations, and credentialing volume that far exceeds their ability to process in a timely and compliant manner. These challenges often result in improperly performed credentialing and significant delays in practitioners being approved by various peer review bodies for enrollment, membership, privileges, and general ‘participation’ status. This can have a negative impact on timely, quality patient care.

Episodic, short-term, or long-term outsourcing of credentialing functions can be a timely, cost-effective alternative that can solve these challenges. Outsourcing some or all credentialing functions can relieve backlogs, speed up the approval process and generally assist organizations in producing a higher quality credentialing product.  Whether your organization needs assistance with the end to end credentialing process, specific primary source verifications or ongoing monitoring activities, consider outsourcing to a reputable Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), like PCVS.

Since 1992, PCVS has been providing quality credentialing services to a variety of organizations, including but not limited to hospitals, health systems, managed care organizations, physician organizations, ambulatory surgery centers, and large physician groups. PCVS is proud to be one of only a handful of dually-assessed CVOs by NCQA and URAC in our nation. PCVS voluntarily subjects its CVO services to NCQA and URAC as part of our efficient services and processes that produce the highest level of quality for clients. Our continuous dually-assessed CVO status gives our clients peace of mind the services they are receiving meet or exceed numerous regulatory, accreditation, and organizational requirements, all of which directly translates to the delivery of quality, cost effective care.

Within an ever-changing health care landscape and pressures to contain administrative costs, PCVS’s breadth and variety of CVO services are an attractive and affordable option for any organization that is passionate about improving the quality, rigor and efficiency of all or parts of the credentialing process.

Contact PCVS today to learn more about how we can tailor a variety of credentialing services for your organization, all within the accrediting requirements or best practices that govern your specific credentialing program.